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Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring Educators

All of your questions about hiring educators - answered.

What is the difference between types of educators?
  • Private teachers/tutors are allocated to a specific family to focus mainly on academics and extra-mural activities such as learning musical instruments, playing sports, helping with homework, learning languages or preparing students for exams such as Cambridge YLE or IELTS.
  • Governors/governesses are allocated to a specific family and have a focus on both academics and extra-mural activities.
  • Nannies provide childcare only and take care of babies and young children.
How do I hire an educator?

All you have to do is email with your request and we will send you a list of candidate profiles and introductory videos for you to choose from. You could also enter your details here. Thereafter, list your availability for an interview and Dux will arrange the interview between you and your potential educator. After a successful interview, you hire the educator directly and we provide a contract for you and the candidate to sign. This contract can be amended according to your needs before signing.

What separates Dux Recruitment from other recruitment agencies?

Dux only charges 15% commission on the annual salary of the candidate you hire. Other agencies charge 20-25% on average.

Dux is an education company with over 20 years experience in education. This is why we provide additional training and certification to our already qualified and experienced educators. Our private teachers/tutors and governors/governesses are trained by Dux in teaching Beginner English, Cambridge YLE courses, Trinity GESE courses, Phonics, Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing and English Grammar. The fundamentals of the Montessori method have also been taught to the candidate you hire.

We train and certify our nannies in Baby Hygiene, Feeding, Play, Speech Development, Cognitive Development, Social and Emotional Development as well as Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development.

If a family is not satisfied with an educator during the probation period, we replace them with another. This is free of charge if Dux agrees, after review, that the candidate has not fulfilled their obligations.

Can I hire a nanny, teacher or governor/governess for a short-term contract or only over holidays?

Of course! Dux has candidates available for short-term and long-term contracts.

Do I need to cover the medical examination costs of my educator?

Generally, as the employer, you are responsible for covering the costs of the medical examination of your educator.

Am I able to cancel my contract should I no longer be satisfied with my educator?

Yes, the contract contains a cancellation clause which you can initiate at any point. Note that each contract is unique according to a family’s needs.

How do I make payments to my educator?

Payments are made to your educator’s local bank account at the end of each month. Part-time educators can (in some cases) receive their payments in cash.

Are there set working hours for the different types of educators which I can hire?

Yes, the working hours are set by you before you sign the contract with your educator.

Who is responsible for ensuring that the educator is performing up to standard, myself or Dux Recruitment?

Dux Recruitment strives to select the most appropriate candidate for you and your preferences. The educators provided by Dux are properly screened and their references are checked to ensure that they are the highest quality candidate for your family. We call previous employers to ensure this.

Dux also provides additional training to every educator you hire and additional support once they begin their contract. Should they require assistance relevant to their role, they can contact Dux and we will assist them, free of charge. That said, should your educator break any of the conditions given in their contract, the contract can be terminated.

What about accommodation for my educator?

Accommodation is most often provided for educators by the host families. This can be a live-in position, where the educator lives in a room in your home, or a live-out position. A live-out position is where the educator lives in separate accommodation and travels to and from your home each working day. The costs of accommodation are either paid by the family or by the educator and this depends on the chosen contract. Nannies and governors/governesses typically require accommodation. Private teachers/tutors typically have their own accommodation already.

Can educators travel to and work in whichever district/country I am located in?

Yes, our educators are to cover the travel costs to arrive at your location. They are also qualified to obtain the necessary visa to enter your country.

Who covers the visa cost and application and how does this work?

The family is responsible for covering the visa costs but Dux provides the service of visa application if the family requires. Educators typically acquire a work-visa but in some cases for nannies and governors/governesses, they may acquire highly qualified specialist visas.

What are the fees involved for hiring your educators?

Dux is a premium service for a lower price compared to other agencies. We charge 15% commission on the annual salary of the educator. For private teachers/tutors, we charge 15% commission on the total payment of the contract.

What are the terms and conditions which ensure that I will receive a high-quality educator?

Dux guarantees that each educator hired by the family has been properly trained and screened to ensure quality service. If the family is unsatisfied with the educator in the probation period, Dux will replace the educator free of charge after a successful review of the situation. The contract between Dux and the family further stipulates this.

Is there a probation period for educators to see if they are up to standard?

Yes, there is a 2-week probation period for educators. If you are unsatisfied with your educator in that period, we will replace them free of charge after a successful review by Dux.

Do your educators train from a very specific curriculum or can I provide the curriculum myself as the employer?

Dux caters to your family's preferences. All Dux educators are trained in Dux curricula. However, should you have a specific end-goal in mind for your child(ren), Dux can recommend a specific curriculum and academic path to achieve that goal. Ultimately, the family decides on what to be taught and how it is to be taught and Dux educators are more than qualified to achieve your goals.

Will the educator come equipped with their own materials e.g. markers, stickers, etc?

Educators are encouraged to have their own teaching materials as much as possible (depending on their role), as this will benefit all parties involved. However, families should not expect educators to use their earnings to purchase any expensive or unnecessary items for teaching purposes.

How much time will my child(ren) spend with their educator? Are educators available for emergencies 24/7?

Most governors/governesses and nannies are live-in roles which means they would be required to attend to any emergencies after hours if needed. In terms of daily hours spent together, a live-in nanny or governor/governess would spend far more time with their students than a typical school or private teacher.

Can your educators speak our home language?

Dux considers this during the hiring process. Dux recruits the candidates with the language proficiencies you require. You are also most welcome to test their language skills during the interview process.

Do you have further questions?

Contact us and we will help you get answers!

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