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We Handpick Professional Private Teachers, Governors/ Governesses, and Nannies for Your Family

Priding ourselves in the highest level of professionalism, Dux Recruitment is committed to providing families with expert private teachers, governors/governesses, and nannies that are meticulously selected to fulfil your specific childcare needs. Our experienced educators, governors/governesses, and nannies are chosen for their ability to offer a superior standard of teaching and childcare for prestigious families wishing to partner with Dux.

Our Placement Process:

Why Choose Dux?

As the provider of Education Experts - Dux Recruitment hand-picks your private teachers, governors/governesses or nannies based on your unique preferences. With a database of qualified, experienced, and reliable candidates; we help you find the best fit for your family.

Expertise from Experience

Dux was founded by experienced educators who understand the needs of parents and their families. We provide the highest quality service - with trained private teachers, governors/governesses or nannies who are mindful of culture, as well as Dux staff who maintain efficient communication and facilitation.

Qualified Candidates

We train our private teachers in various curricula including Beginner English, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar, Cambridge YLE, Trinity GESE and the foundations of the Montessori method. Our nannies and governors/governesses are also trained in childcare and childhood development to ensure that your child receives the best attention possible.

Peace of Mind

Our private teachers, governors/governesses, and nannies are thoroughly screened before placement. When it comes to our educators, we request references from previous employers before considering them as potential candidates. This ensures that all of our candidates are passionate about education and childcare, and deliver an experience perfect for your family.

Superior Support

Each family is assigned their own coordinator to ensure all of their unique requirements are met with the utmost care and consideration. Based on your specifications, we provide you with a range of private teacher, governor/governess and nanny profiles to choose from, as well as offer 24/7 VIP support.

Our Core Values and Goals:

  • Ensuring that our families receive highly qualified, trained and effective private teachers, nannies, and governors/governesses who have a passion for education and child care.
  • Ensuring that our experienced private teachers, nannies, and governors/governesses are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our highly valued families.
  • Building trustworthy relationships between our top-tier Dux alumni and families through continued guidance and facilitation of all partners’ needs.
  • Maintaining clear-cut communication with our trusted families and alumni to achieve a support channel, therefore providing maximum value to all parties simultaneously.
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