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Teach Abroad in Your Dream Destination

There are many wonderful places to teach abroad when you are placed with Dux Recruitment - each one easily satisfying your wanderlust! Here are the global hotspots you could spend your teaching adventure exploring by joining the Dux community.


China, officially the People's Republic of China, is located in East Asia. This country has a culture that stretches back 4000 years! This economic powerhouse provides an ocean of opportunities for educators.

Hong Kong

This is a truly magnificent city. The iconic skyscrapers and residential areas make up less than 10% of the city. Explore the islands, beaches, mountains and jungles to appreciate all the beauty! Hong Kong is a very convenient location allowing cheap and easy travel in Asia.


Japan is an island country in East Asia, located in the northwest Pacific Ocean. Japan has a rich history and culture which is bound to captivate all who visit here. The glorious Mount Fuji and the cherry blossoms are iconic features of this country.

South Korea

This East Asian nation is known for its green, hilly, cherry tree-covered countryside. The country also hosts ancient Buddhist temples and historic century-old landmarks. Visit the many fishing villages, sub-tropical islands and hightech cities such as Seoul, the country’s capital city.


Taiwan is a bustling destination which offers variety in exploration. The tropical country boasts cities such as Taipei and also beaches and mountains for a more tranquil experience. This location is ideal for those who wish to travel East Asia on weekends as popular holiday destinations are only a few hours away.


Singapore is an island at the end of a peninsula. It is known as one of the biggest financial hubs in Asia. The cultural diversity of Singapore makes it possible to meet people from all over the world, and the incredible architecture and nightlife are some of the many reasons to live here.


The land of smiles is a hotspot for tourists and expatriates. The delicious food, warm weather and friendly locals make it easy to call Thailand home. The country has many islands bragging a fantastic natural beauty and a superb nightlife.


A sundry destination for those seeking adventure, culture and history. This country has majestic mountains, surreal beaches and an energetic nightlife which is loved by all who live here.


A classic destination which offers both the historic and cultural experience with convenient travel between countries. The gorgeous scenery, delicious foods and lively expatriate life are enjoyed by those with a passion for education.

If you wish to find out more information about these thrilling destinations, do not hesitate to contact a Dux teaching specialist or join our community today!

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