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Frequently Asked Questions about Teaching Abroad

All of your questions about teaching abroad - answered.


What separates Dux Recruitment from other recruitment agencies?

The founders of this company have all been teachers abroad! Dux is an education company that provides recruitment services. We know what educators, schools and families need to have a completely fulfilling experience.

Dux provides training, certification and facilitation to our educators. We realise that new teachers, governors/governesses and nannies do not have the practical experience needed to be effective from day one. This is why we offer a free practical training course to equip our educators in teaching and living abroad. The course includes Childcare, Beginner English, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar, Cambridge YLE, Trinity GESE and the foundations of the Montessori method.

Dux nannies are also given a free course in baby hygiene, feeding, play, speech and language development, cognitive development, social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skill development.

Every candidate is also supported by their own Dux coordinator. The coordinator answers all questions for candidates before they arrive and once they arrive in the destination country. The coordinator is the support role to ensure that the candidate knows how to use transport, find accommodation, enjoy the social life and maximise their overall enjoyment abroad.

Not only do we place our teachers in the best positions available with free training, we provide support throughout their contract. For example, if a teacher is finding difficulty in making lesson plans or classroom management, we assist and offer guidance to ensure that our teachers are fulfilling their potential.

What is a Dux Educator or Dux Candidate?

These terms refer to the type of educators we recruit, facilitate and support. This includes teachers for schools and language centres, and private teachers, tutors, governors/governesses or nannies for families.

How and when do I apply for a educator position?

Simply click here, enter your details, and we will contact you to arrange an interview. Applications are accepted every day of the year.

How long does it take for an application to be reviewed?

An application will be reviewed in 2 to 5 working days. If you have not been contacted within 5 working days, please consider your application unsuccessful. Do not lose hope, apply again once you have the necessary qualifications. Please see here for more details.

I have a long-term medical condition which requires prescribed medication, am I still eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply unless the medical condition is one that may deny you from obtaining a work visa. This is only applicable in certain countries and we will discuss this in your interview if necessary.

Is there assistance with booking flights, organising visas, etc?

This depends on the school or family which employs you. Most schools and families will sponsor your visa and cover the costs. Flight costs are usually the educator’s responsibility but many schools and families do offer flight reimbursement packages.

How do I find accommodation and how much does it cost?

Our coordinators will assist you in finding accommodation before you arrive. The cost varies largely depending on the country and location in which you will teach. Most schools and families offer free accommodation but others require educators to find their own accommodation.

Dux Placement:

Are there jobs available at any time of year? If not, when are the most popular times of year to start a new contract?

There are always positions available for educators in Asia and Europe!

Do I need a visa to teach abroad?

Yes. Our coordinators will assist you throughout the visa application process. Most schools and families will facilitate this process for you.

What is the typical salary for an entry-level educator?

A typical salary varies depending on the educator’s qualifications and experience. One could expect to earn between $2000 to $3500 per month for an entry-level position. Educators for private families are paid up to $8000 per month (sometimes more!) including other benefits.

How much money can I save monthly from working with Dux?

Dux candidates can save between $1000 to $6000 per month depending on their individual spending habits. You are then able to travel, pay student loans and further your studies!

What is the typical work schedule like? Are weekends included?

Schools usually have an average of 20 teaching hours per week with weekends off. School events occasionally occur on Saturdays but these days are made back through paid school holidays.

Language centers require up to 30 teaching hours per week with 2 days off a week including Sundays and 1 other weekday.

Families usually require 20 to 40 hours per week with 2 days off. Holidays are often spent with the family travelling abroad. Time off and working hours are negotiable and different for every contract.

How much annual leave do I get?

Schools offer paid school holidays which can be as much as 2 months per year. Language centers and families differ on the amount of paid holidays and this depends on each contract.

Can we apply as a couple?

Yes, you can! Many schools and families require more than one educator and are happy to employ couples. If not, there are many other vacancies within the same areas so couples can live together while working at different companies.

What happens if I am not happy at my school or host family? Will I have support throughout my contract?

You will be contracted with the school or family directly. These contracts will contain a termination clause which allows the candidate to give notice to terminate the contract. We are happy to help mediate and resolve any issue which may arise. We support our educators so please contact us if needed. We will also help you to find another job that may better suit you.

Do teachers have to make lesson plans and curricula?

In most cases, no. Schools and centers usually have set curriculums and lesson plans for teachers. Newer schools and centers may require that teachers create lesson plans and curricula. This is an important skill to add to your CV and opens more opportunities for the teacher.

What happens when I finish my contract?

You can sign a new contract for a second year, which is offered to educators who performed their duties satisfactorily. This contract is likely to have a higher salary and more benefits as you will be a more experienced professional. You can also sign a new contract with a different school or family and we will be sending you offers if you so require.

Do you have further questions?

Contact us and we will help you get answers!

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