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Supporting Every Step of Your Adventure Teaching Abroad

Dux Recruitment was founded by experienced educators who understand the needs of educators and how to facilitate those needs. If you’re a first-timer in the education industry or a veteran in the field, we are thrilled to have you join Dux Recruitment in your search for exceptional teacher, governor/governess and nanny jobs!

Dux provides you with the opportunity to begin your teaching abroad adventure while earning an attractive salary among other benefits

After a successful interview, you will receive offers for teacher vacancies, nanny jobs, governor/governess jobs, or positions in language centres in locations tailored to your desired specifications. Our offers also extend to include teaching positions with schools, centres, and families for subjects other than English language teaching. You will also receive a free online practical training course and certificate to further boost your employment opportunities. This free course equips you with the skills to be an effective teacher and also helps you to prepare for daily life abroad. We ensure that you have a wonderful experience while working abroad!

What separates us from most placement agencies?
We put you first!

Dux understands the necessity of maintaining professional education standards, but also the importance of (especially new) educators feeling safe and well supported throughout their time teaching abroad. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive teacher training and support throughout our professional partnership. Don’t forget the highly competitive salaries of our trusted partner schools, language centres and families!

Our Core Values and Goals:

  • Providing educational guidance for new and experienced educators alike, based on the specific needs and trends of our partner schools and parents.
  • Ensuring that all Dux Recruitment alumni are taken care of with the practical requirements of their job as well as life as an expatriate educator. Be it guidance for lesson plans or how to find accommodation in a foreign country - we support you every step of the way!
  • Maintaining clear-cut communication with our trusted partners and alumni to achieve a support channel, therefore providing maximum value to all parties simultaneously.

Become experienced in the teaching fundamentals, detailed in our online practical training

This 5-hour course entails training by a qualified teacher and includes Childcare, Beginner English, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar, Cambridge YLE, Trinity GESE and the foundations of the Montessori method. This is also your opportunity to learn about the daily life of living abroad. Thereafter, you will be awarded a Dux certificate which increases your standing for future employment.

Should you join the Dux team, we ensure that you will persevere through the initial hurdles of entering the industry, build a solid foundation of education fundamentals, and progress to the point of excelling in your teaching abilities. Our process instills confidence in new educators and broadens the expertise of those already in the industry.

So, what are you waiting for?

Begin your teaching adventure today!

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