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Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring Teachers

All of your questions about hiring teachers - answered.

What types of teachers do you provide?

Dux recruits teachers of all subjects and languages. Currently, most of our teachers are for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. We also recruit teachers for language centres. We also have teachers for international schools that teach a multitude of subjects.

What separates Dux Recruitment from other recruitment agencies?

Dux Recruitment is committed to offering schools and language centres with highly trained and skilled teachers that are selected based on their ability to provide your students with a superior standard of education. Our network of qualified teachers are capable of fulfilling all required roles and responsibilities at the highest level, ensuring strong and valuable relationships are formed with our partners.

Dux is an education company with over 20 years experience in education. This is why we provide additional training and certification to our already qualified and experienced teachers. Our teachers are trained by Dux in teaching Beginner English, Cambridge YLE courses, Trinity GESE courses, Phonics, Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing and English Grammar. The fundamentals of the Montessori method has also been taught to the candidate you hire.

The teachers provided by Dux are properly screened and their references are checked to ensure that they are the highest quality candidates for your school. We call previous employers to ensure this. If the school is not satisfied with the educator during the probation period, we replace them with another free of charge.

Lastly, Dux only charges 10% commission on the annual salary of the candidate you hire. Other agencies charge 15-20% on average.

How do I hire a teacher?

Email with your request and we will send you a list of candidate profiles and introductory videos for you to choose from. You could also enter your details here . Thereafter, you list your available times for an interview with the candidate you have chosen. After a successful interview, you hire the teacher directly with a contract you decide on.

Do I need to cover the medical examination costs of my teacher?

Generally, as the employer, you are responsible for covering the costs of the medical examination of your teacher if medical exams are required. Some countries require a medical examination before the teacher arrives and in this case, the teacher is to cover the medical costs.

Am I able to withdraw my contract offer should I no longer be satisfied with my teacher?

Yes, you are able to terminate a contract with 1 week's notice if the teacher does not pass the probation period or trial lesson/s but this may vary according to each country’s labour law. If the teacher passes the probation period, then a 1 month notice of termination is needed but this also depends on each school’s contract.

How do I make payments to my teacher?

Payments are made to your teacher’s local bank account at the start or end of each calendar month depending on the contract. The exact process is determined by the payroll system which your school or language centre uses.

Are there set working hours for different teachers?

Yes, depending on the role which you hire the candidate for. This is contract specific and depends on the agreement between you and the teacher.

Can we hire a part-time teacher through Dux?

Absolutely. Dux has part-time and full-time teachers available.

Who is responsible for ensuring that the teacher is performing up to standard, myself or Dux Recruitment?

Dux Recruitment strives to select the most appropriate candidate according to your preferences. Our teachers are properly screened and their references are checked to ensure that they are the highest quality candidate for your school. We call previous employers to ensure this. That said, should your teacher break any material conditions given in their contract, their contract can be terminated.

Dux provides additional support once the educator begins the contract with you. Should they require assistance relevant to their role, they can contact Dux and we assist them, free of charge.

Can I only hire English teachers or do you have teachers for different subjects?

You can hire teachers for all subjects, provided the teacher meets your preferences and the immigration and working permit requirements for the position.

How does accommodation work for teachers?

Teachers generally stay off-site and find their own accommodation. However there are certain schools which might provide accommodation for their teachers.

Does the school cover the flight costs of the teacher?

This is contract specific and depends on the agreement between the school and the teacher. Some schools offer flight reimbursement while others do not.

Is there a probation period for teachers to see if they are up to standard?

This will depend on the policy which you enforce at your school. Many schools and centres have a probation period for new teachers, however this is decided by your school’s or language centre’s policies and the contract between your school and the teacher.

Do your teachers train from a very specific curriculum or can I provide the curriculum myself as the employer?

Our teachers are either qualified externally or through Dux and can adapt to your curriculum or provide their own. We offer a 120-hour Internationally Accredited Online TEFL/TESOL course (Accreditat) and our Teacher Practical Course mentioned in point 2 above. We also ensure our candidates have the necessary qualifications for your school including undergraduate degrees and other relevant certificates.

How do new teachers get prepared to move to a new country?

Besides the educational training and certification provided by Dux, all of our educators are supported by a Dux coordinator before and after they arrive in your country. This coordinator is responsible for guiding the candidate with visa processes, using transport, finding accommodation and general life abroad. This ensures that all Dux teachers are looked after at work and beyond so that they can be fully effective for your school.

Will the teacher come equipped with their own materials e.g. markers, stickers, etc?

Teachers are encouraged to have their own teaching materials as much as possible (depending on their role), as this will benefit all parties involved. However, schools should not expect teachers to use their earnings to purchase any expensive or unnecessary items for teaching purposes. Schools are to provide whichever equipment a teacher needs in order to carry out their classes successfully.

Can your teachers speak my home language?

Dux considers this during the hiring process. While it is not a strict requirement to be fluent, we would not place a teacher in a position in which we felt they would not be capable of being effective through their contract obligations in a professional and efficient manner. You are also welcome to test their language skills during the interview process!

Do you have further questions?

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